Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wheeltek Motors Awards Night

Last saturday I was Invited by the Wheeltek motors company on their awards night which was held at Golden Peak Hotel. I was their official photographer that night. My friend Jesa is an HR officer in the company and she is also the Host on the event.

Ladies and gents are on their best red carpet attire that's why I felt so under dressed that time. Although I also thought that it's more of a hassle if I wear a gown and go to every table to take pictures. I even thought of just wearing a white shirt and a short but that would be very simple for the event and as a photographer.

Before the awarding, every branch performed  and there was a contest in singing as well which includes to the excitement of the people. It really was fun especially when all the managers had their surprise dance number. They were really amazing dancers and a very effective comedians. Everybody was laughing and shouting on the performance of the managers. I can say that it was really the main event of the night (HAHAH). Even me, when I was taking pictures I really cant stop laughing at them.

There were special awards given like star of the night, best dressed in boys and best dressed in girls.
That was really an awesome experience, but after the event, we got tired so instead of going out, we just slept at the hotel.

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