Sunday, June 16, 2013

The maxi skirt with the cat ♥

Rainy season has already started and what more can you ask if the weather is good, the sun is up and it's and REST DAY! (the day that I always look forward). I always feel good when I see Mr. sun because I got to do everything that I want.

Speaking of feeling good, this outfit just gives me a lot of good vibes. Aside from I love maxi dress and skirt, I also so, so, love the color. This was given to me by my mom and I haven't asked where she bought this. But I'm sure this is just cheap cause my mom is so particular with the price and quality of a dress/clothing. Plus the accessories, they are perfect for the outfit. Good thing I found them, they are my old accessories and I rarely use them.

Look at that. Isn't she cute? (aaawwww.) this is my brother's pet, her name is (Mingkay) I know it's funny but we got it from the "teleserye" of ABS-CBN (Princess and I). The princess name was "Mikay" and since she is a cat we named her "MINGkay" (HAHA). Although I dont love cats as much as I love dog, but it doesn't mean that I hate them. I just wish I'll have my own dogs soon.
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