Saturday, June 15, 2013

One More Year for All Girl Thing

Hi everyone!! This was during my birthday. I know it sounds too late, but no, it's not about my birthday. Well, not all about it. Anyway, last May 30 I celebrated my birthday, it was not a big blast though. I had a work that day so I didn't have enough time to celebrate it. We just had a little celebration at home  with my family.

Everyone wants to feel good during their birthday, of course. So I then dressed up for my birthday so I can feel the occasion (OA? haha) although I really felt good specially because I felt loved (awwww.! hahah birthday blues it is ☺).

What I wore was the dress that I also wore during Cebu Signature Models Pre-launching. I bought this in Ayala maze. The dress is pretty nice (that's why I bought it), it has a floral design in front and I love the net  design near the neck, I found it sexy but a little bit conservative. Plus I love the color because it goes well with nude or light make-up.

For the make-up, I used the Revlon Photoready airbrush as the foundation. It really has a very nice finish and it conceals dark areas and blemishes. I would highly recommend this with the Photoready 2 way powder.

The blush was the Ever Bilena Cheek Blush. Its nice and cheap but it has a nice finish, it has sun protection as well as infused with Vitamin E, C & K to moisturize, soften, and enhance your radiance. Amazing right?

I used an in2it pale pink liquid lipstick. I really love it because it has a nice finish. Not like any other pale pink matte lipstick, it doesn't stay long on your lips and i find it hard to apply. This one is so easy to apply  plus it sticks longer than the regular lip stick.

I also recommend to use MAC brushes because they're soft and super super nice to use. It's kinda expensive though for a regular person like me, but it sure is an investment. you can also try Fanny Serrano brushes. They're a little cheap compare to MAC.

I don't wanna talk more about make up especially in applying it because I'm not an expert, so I'll just leave you with these guys. I might be talking more about it soon cause I really wish to be good on those things but not for now.

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