Monday, June 10, 2013

How to turn your old T-shirt into a backless top

I was browsing through my closet and I found a lot of tops that I can no longer use so I find some ways on how to customize old tops specially old T-shirts. I searched for videos on how to customize old shirts and there are a lot of fashion ideas. The thing is most of them is hard to follow.

I then remember Kryz Uy's blog, she was the model for the summer style of Islands Souvenir and I remember the backless top that she wore. She posted on her blog on how to do that so I decided to follow that since it's a nice top to wear with your bikinis and we're planning to have an outing by the end of June with my workmate.

So in case you don't know how it's done, let me show you how:

•Look for an old shirt, preferably big t-shirt.

•Fold it lengthwise

•Cut the neck part and the sleeve part

•Then cut the back part.

•Then fold the top portion and sew it. It's better to have a sewing machine, but if you dont have you can just use the manual way (needle and thread).

•On the other hand cut a long strips from the shirt that you cut and braid it. Insert it to the top of the shirt that you fold and sewed.

This is better with the silicon bra so there's no bra strap at the back. It's also nice to wear this in the beach with your bikinis, this will serve as a cover up.
I hope this is helpful. Just post your questions and I'll try to answer them☺

Hype the look in Lookbook:

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